Become our local partner for delivering classroom workshops
for ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer courses.


Becoming one of Advisera’s local partners can bring you many benefits.

  • You're not losing customers because of online competition, you're making money in partnership with the leading online course provider.
  • You will get more students because it is cheaper and more convenient for them.
  • You can prove your expertise to potential clients.
  • We’ll help you get new students - we will list your workshops on Advisera's website.

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In order to get the certificate, students have to go through the specially designed blended course with the following steps:

Step 1: Student watches video lectures

Before attending the workshop, students have to go through the complete course where they will get the full theoretical knowledge about implementation or auditing related to an ISO standard.

Step 2: Student attends a one-day workshop

This is where you come in. At this point, students will already have all the theoretical knowledge so the point of the workshops is to learn how to apply that knowledge through work on case studies and real-life examples. The workshop also includes preparation for the exam.

Best of all: we already prepared all the materials you need to deliver the workshop.

Step 3: Student takes the online exam

This part is on us, again. In order to prove that they are competent in performing the role of lead auditor or lead implementer, students have to pass the certification exam that is done through our website – completely online.


We have prepared a brochure for your students

Feel free to download a PDF brochure and send it to your potential students in order to present them the idea of blended course, show them what steps they need to take in order to obtain the certificate and what your role is, as workshop provider, in the whole process.

This is a great marketing tool for attracting new students and it is beneficial for you and for us. Sounds good, right?

We have prepared all the documents for your workshop

Our plan is to really make this as simple as possible for you. We will send you all the materials, and everything else you need to deliver a high-quality workshop. These materials include the following:

  • Manual for workshop providers and trainers with all the instructions in them
  • Session plans with the exact timing for all the parts of the workshop
  • All exercise materials and case studies you should use during the workshop
  • Presentation slides you can use during the workshop and all other materials that are necessary for delivering the workshop.

We will answer all your questions

We have everything set up from an organizational point of view and we have developed a marketing strategy for promoting the courses and the workshops you are going to deliver. That means it will be plain and simple for you.

If you are stuck regarding anything, you can feel free to contact us. Our training manager will answer your questions about the organization and our experts will assist you regarding any doubts you have about delivering the workshop, preparing yourself, or anything else. You can be sure you will get the answer to any question within 24 hours.



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