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ISO 9001:2015 Foundations Course

In this online course you’ll learn everything you need to know about ISO 9001, including all the requirements and best practices for compliance. The course is made for beginners in quality management and ISO standards, and no prior knowledge is needed to take this course.

Exam from this course is certified by Exemplar Global (formerly RABQSA). After passing the exam you will receive a certificate proving that you attained Quality Management System competency.

The course is organized into 4 modules, where each module has several video lectures and activities that will help you learn more quickly, as well as a practice exam that will prepare you for the certification exam – please see below for the content of each module. All the video lectures are pre-recorded, so you can take the course from anywhere, at any time for your convenience.

  • The total course duration, including the reading of required materials, is approximately 8 hours.
  • Materials provided in the course (video lectures, articles, and activity questions) are everything you need to successfully pass the certification exam.
  • There is no time limit for taking the course, but it is recommended that you finish it within one week’s time.
  • The access to this course and to the practice exams is completely free; the fee for the certification exam is US$ 249 – after you pass the exam we’ll send you your certificate in a matter of days.
ISO training | ISO 9001:2015 Foundations Course
Course instructor: Strahinja Stojanovic
Course language: English
11566 students
The course instructor is Strahinja Stojanovic, who has rich experience with ISO 9001, but also with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as a consultant, certification auditor, and trainer. He is the author of numerous articles in the leading ISO 9001 blog, and also of the ISO 9001 Documentation Toolkit.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course
Module 1 - Introduction to ISO 9001
Introduction & suggested reading
What is ISO 9001?
The structure of ISO 9001
Quality management principles in ISO 9001
Introduction to the Quality Management System
Implementing ISO 9001 requirements
Implementing ISO 9001 as a project
Documenting ISO 9001 requirements
ISO 9001 Benefits
Related documentation
Practice exam
Module 2 - The planning phase
Introduction & suggested reading
Understanding your organization and its context [clause 4.1]
Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties [clause 4.2]
Determining the scope of the QMS [clause 4.3]
Leadership and commitment [clause 5.1]
Quality Policy [clause 5.2]
Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities [clause 5.3]
Addressing risks and opportunities [clause 6.1]
Quality objectives [clause 6.2]
Resources [clause 7.1]
Competence [clause 7.2]
Awareness [clause 7.3]
Communication [clause 7.4]
Documented information [clause 7.5]
Related documentation
Practice exam
Module 3 - Operation
Introduction & suggested reading
Operational planning and control [clause 8.1]
Requirements for products and services [clause 8.2]
Design and development of planning and inputs [clause 8.3]
Design and development controls, outputs and changes [clause 8.3]
Control of externally provided processes, products and services [clause 8.4]
Control of production and service provision [clauses 8.5 ]
Post production activities [clauses 8.5 and 8.6]
Control of nonconforming outputs [clause 8.7]
Operating the QMS [clause 8]
Related documentation
Practice exam
Module 4 - The Check and Act phases
Introduction & suggested reading
Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation [clause 9.1]
Internal audit [clause 9.2]
Management review [clause 9.3]
Nonconformities and corrective actions [clause 10.1]
Continual improvement [clause 10.2]
Related documentation
Practice exam
Instructions for taking the exam and obtaining the certificate

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of robocarew robocarew says:

    Very good course
    Very good course. I came here knowing nothing so it was nice to learn more about what ISO 9001 is all about. I think they need to provide more practical examples. I am finding it difficult to apply now

  2. Profile photo of MazharAwan MazharAwan says:

    ISO 9001:2015 Foundation Course
    It’s wonderful course, and very systematic approach to the subject especially for novices like myself.

    I wish to have had more healthcare related material. Maybe you can direct me to more specific information or site as I am looking forwards to implementing and accreditation of our Eye Hospital.

  3. Profile photo of Oluwatosin Oluwatosin says:

    ISO 9001 simplified
    I thought the ISO standard was a complex, difficult stuff but this course made it so easy to understand. Thank you for simplifying the standard for a newbie like me.

  4. Profile photo of TamaraV TamaraV says:

    ISO 9001 Foundations Course
    Very useful course with good and practical examples. The great addition to the videos are questions which help you to check your understanding of the modules.

  5. Profile photo of BECKIEO BECKIEO says:

    I found it very helpful
    Well presented and quick paced. Helped bring me back up-to-speed, after being away from ISO for a few years. Articles are a major plus, with loads of info.

  6. Profile photo of Altangerel Altangerel says:

    I really liked the lesson, the questions and then the explanations as well. Thank you

    I have some English language problems and make some mistakes in English grammar Sorry. I’ve understood poorly about criteria and control process example of bread company. Can you send me this lesson on topic of “Operational planning and control [clause 8.1]” by written document /.pdf etc/ . I can very interested in an example of bread production control process and criteria. Thanks

  7. Profile photo of nhigh nhigh says:

    Great Overview
    This overview of ISO 9001:2015 was great. I really liked the questions and then the explanations as well.

  8. Profile photo of rohinton rohinton says:

    One of best short review courses I have gone through
    This covers the standard requirements well. Thank you

  9. Profile photo of ravikumar ravikumar says:

    ISO Foundation course
    The best I have seen in my 27 years of QMS experience

  10. Profile photo of rakan rakan says:


  11. Profile photo of nkwekam nkwekam says:

    Good Job: The course is down to earth.
    Information presented is clear and concise

  12. ISO 9001:2015
    Great Course. This course provides great resources for increased understanding and the presentation was ideal. It was a good blend of video presentation with literature.

  13. Profile photo of cshuart cshuart says:

    Can’t get into the course

  14. Profile photo of Viorel Viorel says:

    ISO 9001:2015
    Very helpful when looking for fast connecting to ISO 9001, clear explained and with many additional lecture for deeper understanding.Thank you for sharing.

  15. ISO 9001:2015
    I like the manner in which this is set-up, especially how we are able to start-stop at our leisure. Great into to ISO training.

  16. Profile photo of Iwona Iwona says:

    E-training ISO9001:2015
    I like the way it is organized and easy to follow the progress, it was very helpful. Also I liked all additional reading texts. I am sure I will be back from time to time to listen to again. Thank you, very good concept.

  17. Profile photo of jayefe jayefe says:

    multiple choice questions
    Laws and regulations are part of the QMS since it integrates into the business system; for some reason we identify the interested parties ; eg department of labour that does inspections for safety in the plant ; so i dont agree with you that laws and regulations are not part of the QMS . ; also a QMS is the collection of policies , processes , procedures and records that set up rules in a company ….; also the planning phase is from clause 4 to clause 7 ; ….. clause 8 is do ; clause 9 is check and clause 10 is act .

  18. ISO 9001 - 2015 Foundation
    I was very easy to follow and also to answer the questions asked after each module.

  19. Profile photo of ed ed says:

    ISO 9001 :2015 Foundations
    Returning today I cannot see my 55% progress meter from yesterday or where to restart the course. I am sure I can find it though. Also some of the practice tests seem to grade questions as marked when they are not clicked, sending me back to review answers. This is a great course overall, and the compulsory readings are helpful as well. Good job!

  20. ISO 9001 Foundations course
    the course being online it is limited. so it is not possible for students to perform activities like, create documentation, and evaluate . it would be nice though

    note also some of the articals are from 2014 and still refer to ISO 9001:2015 as a draft.


  21. Profile photo of hschroen hschroen says:

    Great course for a great price!
    I’m happy to have found this course! I’ve been looking for a course to prepare Top Management for our ISO 9001:2015 certification and this ended up working perfectly. I like that it’s broken down into various modules, and that each module has separate videos which you can skip and go back to if needed. In addition, it’s not just a basic review of the standards, but there are good examples provided.

  22. Profile photo of joragus joragus says:

    The exam was not based on the questions at the end of each module nor were they based on the practice exam. I feel the test it set up to make you fail so that you will spend $100. several times in order to receive the certificate. If they wanted you to pass there would be more then 12 questions. Very Upset !

  23. Profile photo of Anton76 Anton76 says:

    Best for home use e-learning course
    At first it is noticed already that everything about ISO training in advisera is very informative and sufficient enough for exams but here in my company where I work some of the illustrative videos can’t play due to some restriction in opening websites…anyway I could still access in my own laptop and net connection…

  24. ISO 9001:2015 Foundations course
    Thank You, very informative. You can do this in your own timing at your own speed and go back and review if necessary. Very clear.

  25. Very Educative
    The course is highly educative and its simply structured for greater understanding. Thank you!

  26. Profile photo of shazfrance shazfrance says:

    Awareness training Feedback
    Excellent delivery of information required and balanced ideally for my requirements.

  27. Profile photo of Elvis Mrsa Elvis Mrsa says:

    Excellent course
    Precise, consistent and educative. Thanks!

  28. Profile photo of dgathumbi dgathumbi says:

    The course was precise and clear with ease of understanding. the quality of documents referenced is good. I recommend anyone to go for this training.

  29. Excellent
    Perfect, and it will be more effective if supported with PDF format.

  30. Excellently explained concepts.
    Excellently explained concepts by the instructor and the articles mentioned as compulsory on the suggested reading page make the course very knowledgeable.

  31. Closed Caption
    Please provide closed caption for hearing impairement.

  32. Profile photo of sneha.qem sneha.qem says:

    Great course for a starter
    This course helped me a lot as I have been simultaneously implementing ISO 9001:2015 in the current company I work for. This helped me understand the key aspects that I need to be looking for.

  33. Excellent & best course enjoyed
    Thank you for sharing. Very good, very neatly structured, very informative. I would recommend. It would be the more great, if there was information on overcoming some of the practical challenges in Agile project during first time implementation at the end of the course.

  34. Profile photo of Catherine Catherine says:

    Course Module 1
    Course is clear and informative. Thank you!

  35. Profile photo of ruchi01 ruchi01 says:

    Excellent and good practice sessions provided during the course

  36. Clear and Informative
    Excellent course. Very thorough and organized presentation without being dull.

  37. Excellent Training
    The online training course conducted for foundation in ISO 9001:2015 is excellent, and very simple to understanding. the presenter gave live examples. I would recommend this site and training to all in Sri Lanka. only one draw back I noticed was that I could not down load the lecture modules, and thus I had to write down each and every word the presenter was saying, so that later I could review it. It is very much helpful if you could please make arrangement to down load these lecture series , where by we could give more concentration to the subject matter being taught in the lectures.
    Well Done please Keep it up and please convey my best wishees to Mr. Alan who was the presenter.
    Priyanka Beligaswatte,
    Sri Lanka

  38. Profile photo of Anna N Anna N says:

    Totally recommended!
    As being new to ISO subject, this course helped me to get basic intro info I needed. Structured, good advises from the instructor. Really appreciate the effort of creating this course! Thank you, team!

  39. Profile photo of ramamalli ramamalli says:

    Great Course!
    I began the course not really knowing what to expect, also being new to the whole QMS. I have learnt so very much from the simple yet very informative videos supported by related reading. I thank you for all your effort and look forward to benefiting more from your website. Thank you.

  40. Profile photo of Rama.g Rama.g says:

    Very good
    It is very good, very neatly strctured, very informative. I would recommend

  41. Profile photo of NomahleD NomahleD says:

    ISO 9001:2015
    Best Course enjoyed i

  42. Profile photo of kaku kaku says:

    Unable to view the Video
    Hi Team,
    The Video is not available..request if you can check from your end.

  43. Profile photo of Mon Mon says:

    Would definitely recommend
    Very good, comprehensive, easy to go through.

  44. Great one!
    The best online course ever taken. Even better than onsite course because you can go over the video severally until you have a good grasp of what is being taught. Many thanks!

  45. Clear and helpful
    The material is clear and easy to understand.

    Just a comment, few times was difficult to understand the pronunciation of some words, most the time was clear for me. Could you add subtitles?

  46. Thick Accent
    Instructor has a thick accent and difficult to understand.

  47. Profile photo of ddusu ddusu says:

    ISO 9001
    I must say this is a good introductory course, i learnt a lot from your resources available . Nice one!

  48. Profile photo of Iva Iva says:

    Excellent Course
    I definitely recommend this course, great tools, I exceeded my expectations , thanks very much

  49. Profile photo of Lalitha Lalitha says:

    ISO :2015 Foundation Course
    The coourse was really excellent. It was really very very helpful.Thank u

  50. ISO 9001:2015
    Very rich course . The best online tutoring ever.
    Clean language, and presentation .
    I love every bit of this course.

  51. Profile photo of don jak don jak says:

    Great clause by clause explanation of the standard.
    I really enjoyed it.

  52. The ISO 9001:2015 Foundations Course
    The foundation course was a good course and gave me the foundation needed for understanding ISO.

    I think I am well prepared and ready to take the exam next.

  53. Very Good Course
    Good work and well presented very professionally cannot make any complaint especially for a Free course. And it is worth paying $99 to take the exam for mutual benefit of supporting a good cause as well as to get some accreditation in the process of gaining career advancement

  54. Very Good Course
    Good work and well presented very professionally cannot make any complaint especially for a Free course. And it is work paying $99 to take exam for mutual benefit of supporting a good cause as well as to get some accreditation in the process of gaining career advancement

  55. Profile photo of ld ld says:

    ISO 9001:2015 Foundations Course Module 1 - Introduction to ISO 9001 The structure of ISO 9001
    Please reword the Module 1 Introduction to ISO 9001 as it adds no value. In other words, add some juice (go visual) rather than re-read clauses of the standard. For example: “Standard’s requirements are the requirements of the standard.”
    If you had followed ISO 9001 or any other good document control requirement for clarity along with review and approval (OK, we the viewers can assist you with this) this would not have happened.
    Just walk the ISO 9001 in your talk.

  56. Profile photo of AndyMac AndyMac says:

    Good Course
    I have 30 years of Quality Management experience and still learned from this course – not so much new principles, but about the new ISO9001:2015 requirements.

    The questions at the end of each section could be improved. Some almost seem worded to solicit an incomplete or incorrect answer.

    I found the audio file to be poor quality – choppy and broken at times but it is possible that isn’t experienced by all users.

  57. Good Course
    The course is decent, I’ve 20 years of ISO 9001 experience and still learned from it.
    However, some questions could be improved. Some are not clear, and almost seem worded to solicit an incorrect answer. I’ve not purchased the exam yet, and may not for that reason.

  58. Excellent ISO Foundation Course
    It’s an amazing Course that cover almost everything in the ISO requirements.

  59. Profile photo of Trayana Trayana says:

    Nice work
    The course is well structured and gives a nice overview on the standard and on the changes in the new version.

  60. ISO9001 Foundations Course
    Very interesting. thank you

  61. ISO9001 Foundations Course

  62. Whole course
    Very informative and Excellent.

  63. Profile photo of Sarah.A Sarah.A says:

    WoW.. amazing course, Simple.. Clear.. and not Boring can’t wait to attend the next one Internal Auditor

  64. Profile photo of sunviro sunviro says:

    ISO9001:2015 Foundation Course
    Good Clarification of each Clause. Presented well with activity after each segment and practise exam.

  65. iso 9001:2015 foundation course
    I have found it very helpful as I am getting back into quality management after having a year off and the course has definitely given me a good understanding about the changes made and what this new revision is about.

  66. Profile photo of carlitopas carlitopas says:

    ISO 9001:2015 Foundations Course Review
    Very interesting.

  67. Profile photo of KDuncanson KDuncanson says:

    ISO 9001:2015 Foundations Course Review
    I found the course very helpful in clarifying the requirements of each clause of the ISO 9001:2015. I also enjoyed liked how the course was put into small segments to allow persons to work according to their pace. Finally, the mini-quiz in each segment made it interactive and helped to reinforce the information shared.

  68. Profile photo of mmorris44 mmorris44 says:

    Informative and directly simple
    Very easy to follow and use. Being able to work at your own pace allowed for good use of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The materials provided in the course – recorded video lectures, quizzes, reading, and other activities – are everything you need to successfully pass the exam and obtain the certificate. The best part is: they are completely free with unlimited access!

You can access the course using your PC, Mac, or mobile device, using any major browser (i.e., Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari); a broadband Internet link will also be needed. And, of course, enough time to attend the course.

The course is a combination of recorded video lectures, quizzes, reading, and other activities – the course takes you through all these materials in an optimal way.

After you finish attending the course, you can go for the exam – if you finish this exam successfully, i.e., if your score is above the minimum, then you will receive the certificate. By the way, during the exam we use an online proctoring service that will ask for proof of your identity, and make sure that you have taken the exam with no external help. Click here to learn more about online proctoring.

The exam, as well as the whole course, is completely done online, from your office, your home, or any other place convenient for you. For the exam we use an online proctoring service – click here to learn more.

Well, we have to make money somehow :). We have made most of the course freely available, but to access the exam and get the certificate you’ll have to pay a fee – by the way, this fee is by far smaller than the fee for attending the classroom-type course.

None. The course was made in such a way that a beginner in this topic can easily understand it.

You can access it any time – the course is a combination of recorded video lectures, quizzes, reading, and other activities, and because all those materials are readily available, you can access them at a time that is convenient for you.

No, you can attend the course as long as you like; however, you should try to finish it in a couple of weeks because otherwise, you won’t get enough benefits out of it.



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