ISO 27001 Foundations Course

In this online course you’ll learn everything you need to know about ISO 27001, including all the requirements and best practices for compliance. The course is made for beginners in information security and ISO standards, and no prior knowledge is needed to take this course.

The exam from this ISO 27001 foundation course is certified by Exemplar Global (formerly RABQSA). After passing the exam you will receive a certificate proving that you attained Information Security Management Systems competency.

The course is organized into 6 modules, where each module has several video lectures and quizzes that will help you learn more quickly, as well as a recap quiz that will prepare you for the certification exam – please see below for the content of each module. All the video lectures are pre-recorded, so you can take the course from anywhere, at any time for your convenience.

  • The total course duration, including the reading of required materials, is approximately 8 hours.
  • Materials provided in the course (video lectures, articles, and practice exams) are everything you need to successfully pass the certification exam.
  • There is no time limit for taking the course, but it is recommended that you finish it within one week’s time.
  • Access to this course and the quizzes is completely free; the fee for the certification exam is US$ 249– after you pass the exam we’ll send you your certificate in a matter of days.
  • After you purchase the exam, you will receive a bonus PDF containing scripts from all of the video lectures and quizzes, links to additional reading, and access to the practice exams.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the course 04:00:00
Module 1 - Introduction to ISO 27001
Introduction & suggested reading 00:00:00
What is ISO 27001? 01:30:00
The structure of ISO 27001 02:30:00
Information security principles 02:30:00
Introduction to the Information Security Management System 02:30:00
Implementing ISO 27001 requirements 03:00:00
Implementing ISO 27001 as a project 01:30:00
Documenting ISO 27001 requirements 03:30:00
ISO 27001 Benefits 02:30:00
Related documentation 00:00:00
Certification FAQs 00:00:00
Recap quiz 00:00:00
Module 2 - The planning phase
Introduction & suggested reading 00:00:00
Understanding your organization and its context [clause 4.1] 02:30:00
Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties [clause 4.2] 02:00:00
Determining the scope of the ISMS [clause 4.3] 02:00:00
Leadership and commitment [clause 5.1] 02:00:00
Information Security Policy [clause 5.2] 01:00:00
Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities [clause 5.3] 02:30:00
Information security objectives [clause 6.2] 02:30:00
Resources [clause 7.1] 02:00:00
Competence [clause 7.2] 01:30:00
Awareness [clause 7.3] 01:30:00
Communication [clause 7.4] 01:30:00
Documented information [clause 7.5] 03:30:00
Related documentation 00:00:00
Recap quiz 00:00:00
Module 3 - Risk management
Introduction & suggested reading 00:00:00
Addressing risks and opportunities [clause 6.1.1] 02:00:00
Risk management process [clause 6.1.2] 02:30:00
Information security risk assessment – Risk identification [clause 6.1.2] 03:00:00
Information security risk assessment – Risk analysis and evaluation [clause 6.1.2] 03:00:00
Information security risk treatment [clause 6.1.3] 03:00:00
Statement of Applicability [clause 6.1.3] 02:00:00
Risk treatment plan [clause 6.1.3] 00:30:00
Related documentation 00:00:00
Recap quiz 00:00:00
Module 4 - The Do phase
Introduction & suggested reading 00:00:00
Formulating the risk treatment plan [clause 6.1.3] 02:00:00
Implementing the risk treatment plan [clause 8.3] 01:30:00
Operational planning and control [clause 8.1] 02:30:00
Operating the ISMS [clause 8] 01:00:00
Managing outsourcing of operations [clause 8.1] 02:30:00
Controlling changes [clause 8.1] 02:30:00
Risk assessment review [clause 8.2] 02:00:00
Related documentation 00:00:00
Recap quiz 00:00:00
Module 5 - The Check and Act phases
Introduction & suggested reading 00:00:00
Monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation [clause 9.1] 04:00:00
Internal audit [clause 9.2] 03:00:00
Management review [clause 9.3] 03:00:00
Nonconformities and corrective actions [clause 10.1] 04:30:00
Continual improvement [clause 10.2] 02:30:00
Related documentation 00:00:00
Recap quiz 00:00:00
Module 6 - Annex A – Control objectives and controls
Introduction & suggested reading 00:00:00
Introduction to Annex A – Reference control objectives and controls 02:30:00
Structure of Annex A 04:00:00
Information security policies [A.5] 02:00:00
Organization of information security [A.6] 02:30:00
Human resources security [A.7] 01:30:00
Asset management [A.8] 02:30:00
Access control [A.9] 02:00:00
Cryptography [A.10] 02:00:00
Physical and environmental security [A.11] 03:00:00
Operational security [A.12] 03:30:00
Communications security [A.13] 04:00:00
System acquisition, development and maintenance [A.14] 04:30:00
Supplier relationships [A.15] 02:30:00
Information security incident management [A.16] 03:30:00
Information security aspects of business continuity management [A.17] 03:00:00
Compliance [A.18] 03:00:00
Related documentation 00:00:00
Recap quiz 00:00:00
Instructions for taking the exam and obtaining the certificate 00:00:00

Benefits of getting the certificate

Certificate of competence proves that you attended the eTraining course, and that you passed the exam certified by Exemplar Global (formerly RABQSA). This ensures that you understand and can apply the knowledge you gained in each of the course's modules.

How to get certified?

It's simple:
1) Watch complete videos of all lectures, and answer all practice exams.
2) Pass the online certification exam.

Bonuses with the certificate

Once you purchase the certificate, you will receive the following bonuses:

Discount badge

SECURE & SIMPLE: A Small-Business Guide to Implementing ISO 27001 On Your Own (eBook)

The plain English, step-by-step handbook for information security practitioners.

In this book, Dejan Kosutic, an author and experienced information security consultant, is giving away all his practical know-how on successful ISO 27001 implementation. No matter if you’re new or experienced in the field, this book gives you everything you will ever need to implement ISO 27001 on your own.

Course Script (PDF)

If you decide to purchase the exam, you will get the PDF script from the course completely free. The script includes everything said in the videos and all quizzes.

This way, you can access course materials any time you like, making it much easier to practice and prepare for the exam.

Free exam retake

Once you purchase the exam, you will be able to retake it.

This means, if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you can retake it one time, free of charge.

There is no mandatory waiting period between the two attempts.

Practice Exam

With the purchase of the exam, you get access to practice exams. You can use these exams to test your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the exam environment.

The results from the practice exam do not have any effect on the results of the final exam.

Course Reviews

  1. Great overview

    The source is concise, well-structured and easy to understand. It is especially helpful as a refresher or for busy professionals who would like to have a basic understanding of ISO 27001.

  2. Provided a great review of the topics

    The course is well structured and easy to follow. The information is explained in a simple and useful way. Great job.

  3. A great stepping stone in the GRC Domain

    Dejan provided a well presented and through input about IS027001. The book on how to implement IS027001 in a small business is simple to understand, read and gives a really strong idea on how to implement the standard in an organisation. Took the exam and passed on my first go.

  4. I was initially sceptical, because I’ve taken other ISO courses with another training company, and I feared it would be a tedious and overwhelming course.
    However, Dejan Kosutic has prepared a truly intersting, to the point, well-structured course. What I also like is that I could take notes during his lectures without having to stop and replay all the time, and there are also subtitles with the main points in the presented clauses, which additionally helps me remember the important content. Also, Mr. Kosutic always emphasizes what documentation is mandatory, advisable or not required, which is very helpful for me, personally.
    This is a course for people who value their time. I have the sense that it’s tailored to my needs, even though it’s a pre-recorded course.
    Thank you!

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    Dejan provided well structured course that was easy to understand. It has provided me with a good overall understanding of concepts and requirements of ISO 27001 implementation.

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    Awesome explanation by Dejan.

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    The course is divided up into good chunks that make it easy to learn about ISO 270001 and then to use the course as a resource to implement and support your company’s ISMS.

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    Thanks a lot.

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    additional recourses give also added a lot of value add in understating the concepts. This course helps us in taking forward ISO 27001 to work.

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    Very useful, detailed and full of insightful examples. Great side posts and materials.
    Can’t wait to put it into practice.

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    Strongly recommend it.

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    The training contains excellent informationis to pass the certification. Highly recommended.

    I thank Dejan Kosutic for this great Course.

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    This is a great start for anyone entering the Audit & Compliance area.

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    very good, structured and documented course in a perfectly understandable english for non native english speaker people.

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    The truth that it is a pleasure to have done this course,
    It has given me a very clear vision of the ISO, addresses all issues in a very easy way to understand, although the study of regulations is usually not pleasant due to the vocabulary that is commonly used, and its extension,
    But as I said, the videos are very clear and rich in content as other users comments.

    Great experience and great Professor, I highly recommend this course.
    I hope they also add courses for ISO 15504

    @ABHAY SHEKHAWAT, have you tried with another web browser?, It works me fine with Firefox

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    It serves as an excellent starting point for a beginner. Videos are short enough to easily consume content, articles are rich in content. I wish the certificates were a little cheaper :P, but it is certainly a value addition. Prof. Dejan’s delivery is excellent. It was a great experience. I hope they also add courses for ISO 27002 and ISO 27005.

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    Devan, the instructor really knows his stuff and knows how to teach as well. It is very clear that he knows information security by experience since he gives examples for everything on the spot.
    The course is eight hours but believe me you have to repeat some videos several times to get all the information since the instructor does not waste time, he is very objective and clear in his explanation but there are many points to cover and explain.
    I highly recommend this course.

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  58. Tempo or speed setting is required besides other minor issues

    Please provide some kind of Tempo or speed setting for fast forwarding video like topics that we know about and Slow down others that may be more complex also some videos were kept on not complete status but were completed so additional manual control to mark them as completed would help many.

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    Looking forward to rest of the online courses

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    The description & presentation by Dejan is very crisp & to the point using easy/simple language. The best part is explaining using example which helps clearing the concept and maturing the understanding.

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    I think there could be more practical assessment questions at the end of each module that will prepare candiadtes for both the exams and real-life scenarios.
    Thank you, Dejan.

  70. Completion Certificate

    What happened to the completion certificate for those who are not taking the certification exam.

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    Perfect course with nice videos tutorials which covers important elements and implementation steps of a particular ISO standard

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  73. ISO 27001 Foundations Course

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    We can learn from author of this course to explain complex things in simple words. Great course!

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    The explanation is simple and perfect, however if there is a scripting sheet of what the lecturer has said(I mean text content), it will make it easier for the learner to understand, track and review the content of each unit taking into account that there will be none native English speakers. On the other hand the idea of having assessment questions after each unit is a very good idea,however I noticed that these questions usually focus on one part(objective) of the unit, which effects and degrades the value of the assessment.
    Thank you

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    Buenas noches, Actualmente estoy tomando el curso gratis que ofrecen para la certificación ISO 27001:2013 Foundation quisiera saber si estos materiales lo tienen en español mas las pruebas de certificación

    muchas gracias

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    Thank you very much for providing this for free.

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    Really enjoyed the course! I don’t think I would have been able to do it in 8 hours though – I needed more than that. Still, the material is really good, the videos are entertaining and now I am a lot better prepared for our ISO27001 audit.

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    Good Course, easy to follow

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    Gave complete clarity on what exactly is ISO27001

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  86. ISO27001 - Course questionnaire is not locale sensitive

    The course is not locale sensitive, ie. in the course for ISO 27001, the module does states that the chance for having a laptop stolen out of a car is 3/10. In South Africa, its 9/10. Maybe in Europe we will see how this could be different.

    Module details:
    ISO 27001 Foundations Course
    Module 3 – Risk management
    Information security risk assessment – Risk analysis and evaluation [clause 6.1.2]

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    In addition, if you have some experience of several years in the IT field, most of the topics looks like an obvious consequence of the (business) logic behind it.
    The eBooks look very useful and at a reasonable price too.
    The purchased documentation looks really promising but it is expensive (imo), at least for the ISO 27001 set of docs. I believe a price near to 500€-550€ would make them far more competitive.
    Lastly, I would like to see more quiz and practical exercises that will simulate the final exams in this field.


    This is fantastic. A flexible way of learning without hustle. I learnt so much from here and preparing for the exams. Advisera thank you so much.

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    ISO 27001 Foundations Course

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    I’ve just implemented ISO 9001:2015 in a medium business and I’d like to lead it to ISMS.
    So, this course is a good starting point.
    I had appreciated even the template provided if it was in italian.. Too bad it is not! I have no time to translate it.

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    أحببت أن أضع تقييم للدورة باللغة العربية لنقل تجربتي للناطقين بها

    أ.م صلاح الدين الشتيوي
    المدير الفني لشركة آمن الوطنية للاتصالات وأمن المعلومات
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    M. Aqeel Haider


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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can access it any time – the course is a combination of recorded video lectures, quizzes, reading, and other activities, and because all those materials are readily available, you can access them at a time that is convenient for you.

None. The course was made in such a way that a beginner in this topic can easily understand it.

Well, we have to make money somehow :). We have made most of the course freely available, but to access the exam and get the certificate you’ll have to pay a fee – by the way, this fee is by far smaller than the fee for attending the classroom-type course. Additionally, when you pay for the certificate, you will be able to download a PDF scripts from all of the video lectures, activity questions, practice exams, and links to additional reading. This way, you can access the content from the course and prepare for the exam much more easily.

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The course is a combination of recorded video lectures, quizzes, reading, and other activities – the course takes you through all these materials in an optimal way.

You can access the course using your PC, Mac, or mobile device, using any major browser (i.e., Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari); a broadband Internet connection will also be needed. And, of course, enough time to attend the course.

The materials provided in the course – recorded video lectures, quizzes, readings, practice exams, and other activities – are everything you need to successfully pass the exam and obtain the certificate. The best part is: they are completely free with unlimited access!

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